Advantages of a responsive and mobile friendly site

I just get too bored these days to actually waste time to start up the laptop for browsing. I don’t know if I have become that lazy or it is the mobiles and tabs that are to be blamed for it. One swipe of your finger and there! You can start browsing without any further ado. When this is the case why go through the hassle of even removing the laptop out of its bag? Let it rest there in peace!
When I think about it I know for a fact that I am not the only one who is of this opinion! There are too many lazy people like me out there. Well I would much rather call this clan of people the tech savvy smarties instead! It is all about mobiles and tabs these days anyway. When we have this kind of technology at our beck and call, why do things the old and time consuming way?
There will be one amongst a multitude of people who do not make use of these gizmos and gadgets for leisure browsing! And why only leisure browsing? I know many (including myself) who do much more than this leisure browsing. Like paying bills or even passing time ordering stuff off those amazing shopping websites! Besides, these mobile websites are designed for faster browsing and faster downloads as well. So again these are time savers and offer more browsing in lesser the amount of time.
With an increasing number of people in our generation being these tech savvy smarties the need for mobile friendly websites has increased ten folds. Well apart from the advantages that these provide to the end users, there are other benefits that the business reaps out of it as well!
For starters, like I said with this ever escalating number of people making use of this medium to browse, if you are a responsive business owner with a responsive website, you will definitely be ahead in the race!
Having these mobile friendly websites will make sure that the visibility of your websites is much much more. And if you have a site that functions real smooth then you can be rest assured of an increasing number of traffic back to your site!
Some do feel that the mobile friendly versions offer less amount of information than the desktop websites. For them the mobile versions do carry a link to the desktop websites so that they do not miss out on anything!
Moreover, you are accessible to the masses anywhere and everywhere. Having mobile sites that are built to perfection will surely give your business a competitive advantage! These definitely help you in creating a better brand identity. Besides the development of these websites does not require a lot of spending on development and efforts on the maintenance!
So if you are not already into this mobile responsive world it is high time you channel your efforts into it and embrace the mobile markets! Being the end user, I will definitely prefer this ease of accessibility over the predecessors!

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