Does social media & search work together?

Few years back a website was all you needed to mark your digital presence. The website was effectively marketed through emails, newsletters or any other medium available and that was it. Next came the search engines and search engine rankings. It was great to be on the first few pages of the search engines to have a better visibility of your website.
But now when you look at the bigger picture do you really think it is enough to just make it to the top of the search engines? What is the importance of social media and how does it work with your SEO efforts? Are you making proper utilization of these tools together in order to make the most out of them? With the latest developments in the fields of online marketing, you can no longer consider these marketing tools individually. All these tools need to be considered in convergence with each other for better results.
When you get started with your online marketing campaigns, you first need to make sure that you have your space on Facebook and Twitter as well. SEO and top rankings on the search engines is no more enough. What is the use of your good looking website and awesome content if it lacks visibility? Is just being at the top going to suffice? With the social media presence and the right kind of linking, more people will know about your website and will visit the same. With your Facebook page and Twitter account you can directly connect with the masses. This casual connection does its work in helping you get the maximum amount of organic traffic back to your website.
Apart from the visibility aspect, another way in which the social media can work is a better understanding of what the people want. By establishing social media relationships with the masses, you can definitely understand what the people are looking out for and this can definitely help your keyword strategies. These strategies will definitely turn out to be more seamless when it comes to targeting the right kind of audiences.
Google also considers the Twitter feeds in its search results. So being active on Twitter will boost your ranking to an extent. Bing on the other hand integrates the Facebook likes. This definitely speaks for itself. The bigger your social presence the better impact it will have on your SEO efforts. The importance of this Seo and Social media integration is going to be all the more fundamental for effective online marketing strategies in the future as well.

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