Google Panda 4.0: A filter for quality pages

The latest buzz around the SEO town is the Panda 4.0 version which is Google’s latest algorithm. This new roll out was confirmed after Matt Cutts of Google tweeted about its release on 21st May. This version seems to be something more serious as compared to the frequent initial Panda updates which were a constant for quite some time. This latest algorithm has visibly created some strong ripples in the search results and its effects started being felt right from the beginning of this month. The Panda 4.0 aims at further minimizing the sites with poor quality content from the search engines. Thus it is bound to bring in some considerable shifts in the search engine rankings. So basically this update is all set to filter out the content rich sites from the poor quality ones. The spam sites with copy pasted, poor and insufficient content that come up in the search engines will be effectively eliminated thanks to this latest update.

Although it is too soon to say to what extent this update will actually affect, it is clearly evident that this is not just any other normal update but a major algorithm update. This calls for absolute vigilance over content since all kinds of thin and low quality content will filtered out of the search results thus bringing a major change in the page rankings.

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