Mobile friendly website or desktop first - define your objective for the future!

From the first practical telephone to the current era of Smart phones, the telecommunication world has witnessed some of the most significant technological advancements. And needless to say, this technological blast has made the mobile phones versatile to an unimaginable extent.
With the growing competition and reducing prices, there is a smart phone in the hands of every individual, right from a school student to a retired oldie. And the multiple ways in which it can be used just puts it on the top of the demand scales. 
Since you can carry out just about all sorts of tasks on your smart phones, the dependability on computers for the smallest of the tasks has significantly reduced. Right from Emails to internet searches and from shopping to paying the bills, just about everything can be done on the mobile phones.
So if you are into business and are aware that every third person is so tech savvy what should be your defining objective for the future when it comes to being known? A conservative approach is not going to take you anywhere. When it comes to mobile websites against the desktop versions, going full-fledged mobile friendly should ideally be your priority if you wish to tap more and more organic traffic back to your web pages. You have a good looking website? So go a step ahead with dynamic optimization for all the platforms.
Unlike traditional Desktop web pages, mobile web pages are more fresh and lively. From the basic text based Static websites to the current Web standards mobile websites have evolved like none other and with the increase in the use there will inevitably be a rise in more creative mobile web designs.
With the ever growing popularity of the Social Networking sites amongst all the internet users the use of Mobile Web Pages has been pushed to the next level. The feel of belonging to a community through these Websites is now at the touch of our fingers, thanks to the Mobile Web pages. And since social media is one of the major tools for internet marketing, this again points out at the importance of going mobile friendly. Mobile responsive websites have revolutionized the way mobiles are used today. And the concise and to the point approach of the these Web pages has made it more prone to being exploited and advanced further, of course for good and obvious reasons.
Besides, unlike the desktop websites, the Mobile friendly Websites will always incorporate the most important attributes in turn keeping pages low in bytes and comparatively high on resolution. Sooner the page loads, faster the navigation. So with all these positives it sure is the need of the hour to define your objective for the future as completely going mobile friendly!

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