Penguin 2.1 & its effects on search results

The latest Penguin 2.1 update by Google that has been launched in the first week of October is going to leave a number of people concerned. This latest version by Google after its predecessor, the Penguin 2.0 that was released in May this year is a more updated version of the same and will affect 1% of the searches to a noticeable degree according to Matt Cutts, the Head of the Google web spam team.

So what exactly is going to be actually affected by this latest version that has been launched? As we all know, Penguin is an important part of Google’s search engine algorithm that fishes out webspam. The Penguin 2.1 effectively hits all kinds of webspam such as the low quality links, spam links, paid links and other links generated using automated tools. These links that affect and spam Google’s search results will get filtered on a much deeper level with this latest update.

So basically depending on the quality of your links your website is going to get hit for better or for worse when it comes to the organic searches. In order to be safe from being hit by this update, you need to make sure that any kind of unnatural links that your website might carry, disappear immediately and that no such bad links are added henceforth. Analyzing the links is going to be the most important task in hand in order to make sure that your site does face a devastating effect with this latest algorithm that is set on identifying and filtering out spam. And needless to say that as and when the further updates roll out the effects are going to become even more complicated. So it is wise to start taking the necessary precautions for the long run when things are still not completely out of hand. Try our seo services to keep your ranking results safe in Search engines, also social media services to drive good amount of traffic.

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