The Growing Importance of Responsive Web Design Services

All are very well versed with the growing importance of responsive websites generally speaking. The wide number of gadgets that people use to surf the internet and the different browsers that are used to do the same elevate the need for responsive websites to the next level. So generally we know why the responsive websites are so important. The websites need to load quickly, the navigation should be equally smooth across all the platforms, loading time should be less and your website should stand out amongst the millions that are there in the markets.  

In the previous post itself we have highlighted the importance of the growing importance of responsive web design and how the importance only grows further in 2017. With the launch of its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, mobile Seo and Responsive web design is not something that you can take lightly any more. This project aims at improving the performance of the mobile web dramatically. The main aim of this project is to ensure that the pages load instantaneously and work equally well across multiple platforms and devices no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile a person is using.

As per the Mobile First Index that rolled out in Nov, Google will make responsive versions of the websites as the primary source of data collection for the purpose of analytics. These two developments have again given a new dimension to the importance of responsive web designs.

Since the importance of responsive websites is now treading the technical territory it only adds to the importance of hiring professionals to do the job.

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