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Trident Web has been in the field of digital marketing for over 15 years. Over the years we have executed a huge number of projects not only for our clients in India but overseas as well in the US, UK and parts of Europe. With a decade and a half worth of experience, we believe that we are in a position to impart our knowledge via a very practical digital marketing training course under the name Trident Web Digital. In this course, you will get 100% practical training and hands-on work experience.

Your choice of career can be something that makes it the same kind of routine for you with you knowing what is to be expected every single day or something that is dynamic and can provide you with new challenges on a daily basis. If you are one of those who get a rush with the idea of something new and challenging on a day to day basis, a career in Digital Marketing might just be what you need. It is a perfect combination of fast pace, dynamic nature and potential for you to advance your skills with the changing market needs. So if you have a creative streak that you want to put to good use in a career that is far from monotonous, definitely give a thought to Digital Marketing as a career option.

What are the prerequisites for a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a kind of career space where experience or academic background is not a key to venturing into it. As with anything else, thorough knowledge about the field is must. Apart from this, what you require are skills like creativity, and enthusiasm to learn and good analytical ability, amongst the few. Digital marketing very often cannot be a one-man show. So being a good team player is an added advantage. So even if you are a newbie, you can get started without a specific degree and still succeed. 

What are the areas that are covered under digital marketing?

· Audio and Video production

· Interactive technology such as Artificial Intelligence

· Mobile marketing

· Search engine optimization

· Social media marketing

· Search engine marketing

· E-commerce

· Email marketing

· Newsletters

· Content management

· Web design and development

· Analytics

· Business and marketing strategy

· Affiliate marketing

· Augmented reality

· Automation

· App marketing

· Voice search

· Conversion rate optimization

Why choose a career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a field that is fast-paced and ever-changing. Versatile skill sets are required in this field considering the vast number of areas it covers. It can open up avenues for technical, creative as well as business people. If you are someone who loves to learn something new, this is definitely the field for you since there is constantly something new to learn. Apart from this, there are a few things that make this field attractive:

· Better job opportunities

· Versatility

· Plenty of new learning opportunities

· Dynamic and constantly evolving space

· Good remuneration opportunity

· Good for creative individuals

· Flexible training options

· Opportunity to work with new people on a regular basis

How can you acquire training in this field?

There are quite a few training programs available. These usually are official certification programs that can provide training in different core areas. For instance, in order to ensure success with SEO, a person needs to be well trained in creating tailor-made SEO strategies according to a business’s requirements. Training in SEO can help an individual understand the intricate details about how to go ahead with different projects. With a deeper insight into how SEO works you will not only be able to bring in better visibility for the websites you are working on but also help push them up the search engine ladder.

What kind of skills can you expect to acquire?

SEO training
SEO training from a good place can help develop a number of skills and help you become an expert in the field. Here is a look at how you can gain from good training when it comes to a complete SEO process:

Keywords are the most essential elements that bring visitors to the websites. Using the right keywords will also ensure that the traffic coming back to the website is higher in volume at the same time relevant to the product or service. 

Captivating Content
In the absence of good content, retaining your traffic is difficult. Informative and engaging content is very important in this case. Quality and originality is the top priority here for viewer retention. Part of SEO training involves content guidelines that will make sure that the content you are uploading is relevant.

Backlinks are important. These help your website get linked to popular websites which will drive traffic back to yours. You will understand the intricacies of link building to the fullest.

Website Analysis
Website analysis forms an important part in which you will be getting trained. Design analysis, content, technical elements, analysis of competitor websites and making sure that the website conforms to the latest SEO standards is what you can master through training. All these aspects go hand in hand when it comes to SEO success.

Training in Google analytics: 

Mastering Google Analytics will give you an in-depth understanding of Google's measurement tools. This will help you get better results through intelligent data collection and analysis.

Hands-on training
Scenario-driven course
Start measuring performance the websites

What do you get to learn?

· Basics of Google Analytics

· Step by step instructions for default tracking setup

· Tracking of page views and events

o Link clicks

o File downloads

o E-commerce transactions

o Social media activity

o Marketing campaigns

· Measuring Custom Campaigns

· Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder

· Measuring Google Ads campaigns

· Google Analytics Core Reporting

· Management API's from your own applications

· Google Analytics in mobile device applications

Google webmaster training: 

Google Webmaster Tools is created specifically for webmasters or those who run the websites. It is a free service offered by Google.

What does it do?

· Helps anyone with a website get useful insights for SEO

· Helps you to identify issues and loopholes

· Helps make a website easy to navigate and user-friendly

· Generate reports that help improve a website’s performance

· Identify backlinks

· Identify keywords

· Spot malware attack or malicious links

· Find broken links on the website

· Help submit a sitemap to Google

· Find top landing pages

· Analyze mobile site performance 

How does training help?

· Understand Google Webmaster guidelines

· Set up a Google Webmaster Tools account

· Add the websites you are working on

· Navigate through webmaster tools

· Using the right features

· Measuring insights

· Optimizing the website

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Training:

SMO forms the backbone of your digital marketing success. Brand awareness and identity can be best created only with SMO. Our course will give you a better insight into making the best use of the various social media platforms.

Facebook: Free and paid marketing

Instagram: Free marketing

Tweeter: Free marketing

LinkedIn: For B2C B2B marketing Free marketing 

Pinterest: Free marketing

Training in Google AdWords (PPC)

Google AdWords is an advertising service offered by Google. This service is meant for businesses that want to display ads on Google and its allied advertising network. Google AdWords program enables businesses to work within a budget. Payment is dependent on clicks (Pay-per-click).

What do you get to learn through the training?

· Development of Google Adwords campaigns

· How to drive consistent traffic to your website or Landing Page through the same

· Conversion tracking that helps determine the value of your ad campaigns

· Retaining the previous website visitors and ensuring that they keep coming back to your website

· Advertising products and services online effectively

· Boosting traffic

· Increased sales

In a nutshell, with training in digital marketing, you will be able to master the following:

· Search engine optimization strategies

· Relevant keyword search

· Competitor analysis

· On-site and off-site strategies to attract traffic

· Social media optimisation 

· Search engine optimization

· Pay Per Click Advertising 

· Content management

· Email marketing

· An understanding of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and URL structures.

· Database structures

· Organic versus paid search, affiliates, etc.

· In-depth knowledge of Google Search Console and Bing Analytics.

Your career path in digital marketing will largely depend on your specialization. The areas covered above will give you an idea about the variety of digital marketing roles you can select from that will help you find your place in the industry.

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